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Tom Cruise for ‘Fast & Furious On Water’?

The company behind “The Expendables” offers Cruise the lead in “South China Sea”

Apparently heedless of the fact he’s yet to sink to Bruce Willis’s money-over-merit stance , Millennium Films have gone out with an offer to Tom Cruise to the lead a new actioner they’re putting together for Swedish directing duo Swedish helming team of Mans Marlind & Bjorn Stein.

The film, which boasts most of the names on “The Expendables” credit block (including Avi Lerner), has been described as ‘Fast & Furious on Water’.

Kerry Williamson’s script would see Cruise play “a legendary American pirate who was imprisoned in Hong Kong by his nemesis, a female police lieutenant. She shows up to set him free, with a condition: he must help her take down a formidable pirate gang plaguing shipping lanes across the South China Sea. He has more incentive than freedom; he might have a chance to save his estranged son, who is in the center of things”, according to Deadline.

No doubt Cruise will be checking out Marlind and Stein’s “Underworld Awakening” (uh-oh) before making a decision on “South China Sea”.

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