Mad Men actress responds to True Detective rumours


“Mad Men” favourite Elisabeth Moss is the latest name to be linked to HBO’s “True Detective”.

With the second season gearing up, rumours are afire with casting talk; in recent weeks, Taylor Kitsch and Colin Farrell have been rumoured for one of the two male leads on the show, while Vince Vaughn is said to be close to a lock for one of the parts. Now there’s chatter that Moss may be the HBO’s pick for leading lady.

Moss tells USA Today that she knows as much as we do, suggesting reports pegging her as the show’s starlet is far from solid intel.

“I know nothing. I know literally as much as you know.”

Moss was pressed and asked if she’s been approached.

“Not in the way everyone is talking about, honestly. I had to ask my own people, ‘Have you not told me something?'” she said. “For me as an actor who’s been in this business for over 25 years, it’s so flattering to be associated with that show. (And) for anyone to think that I could be a part of that show.”

Michelle Forbes (“The Killing”) has also been rumoured for the female lead.