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Check out Mark Hamill’s Star Wars look!

And production is about to start back up now that Harrison Ford’s injury has healed

Having flashed it on the red carpet for a few weeks now, we’ve known that Mark Hamill’s force will be joined by a beard on “Star Wars Episode VII”. What we didn’t know is how much of an Alec Guiness-like mane he’d be donning by the time the face appendage finally completed its journey onto those cheeks. Here’s Mark Hamill’s look as ‘Luke Skywalker’ in the December 2016 (too far away…) release.

And before we close the book on today’s “Wars” report, word is that filming is about to resume on the movie following the pause the production was set to take after Harrison Ford banged up his leg on an Ewok’s abdomen.. or whatever happened there.

Via ‘Nathan Hamill

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