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Production wraps on new Aussie film Teenage Kicks; First stills released

Film stars Miles Szanto, Daniel Webber and Charlotte Best.

Shooting wraps today on new Australian feature film “Teenage Kicks”; coinciding with the wrap party, the prod co has released some new stills.

On the experience of principal photography, writer/director Craig Boreham says, “The TEENAGE KICKS set has been such a great hub of collaboration that it’s almost sad to see it end. Miles (Szanto) has really thrown his all into bringing Miklós Varga and his world to life, as has the rest of our amazing cast.” He adds, “Working with Bonnie Elliot again, to tell this story, has been fantastic and we have a wonderful collaboration on set. Finishing the shoot is bittersweet, saying goodbye to the cast and the team. But it’s exciting to be moving into the edit period with Adrian Chiarella where we will get to discover our story all over again.”

Producer Annmaree J Bell adds, “It is an amazing journey we are on, I’m feeling very blessed to have the crew and cast we have to bring the film to life.”

To coincide with the end of principal photography, three first look stills have been released. Featuring principal cast members, lead actor Miles Szanto (The Elephant Princess, Love My Way, Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas), Daniel Webber (The Combination, K9, Sleeping Beauty) and Charlotte Best (Home and Away, Puberty Blues), these first look stills provide an insight into this beautiful and nuanced story. Craig Boreham’s vision for his compelling and evocative coming-of-age drama exploring the minefield of adolescence, burgeoning sexuality and the desire to belong, is beginning to show.

TEENAGE KICKS tells the story of Miklós Varga as he navigates his way through identity, explosive sexuality and guilt, struggling to mature from boy to man. In the final moments of his seventeenth year, Miklós’ world has come crumbling down. His plans to run away and escape the hold of his migrant family have been brutally undone by family disaster. Only Mik knows the events that led to this tragedy and as far as he can see there is only one person to blame: himself.

Mik is suddenly torn between his desire to head north and start a new life with his best friend Dan, and the obligation to his broken family. Can he rise to meet his family’s expectations or is he toxic, destined to bring ruin upon everyone he loves?

Alongside Miles Szanto, Daniel Webber and Charlotte Best, the talented cast of TEENAGE KICKS also includes Shari Sebbans (The Sapphires, Redfern Now), Ian Roberts (Little Fish, Superman Returns, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities) and Anni Finsterer (The Boys are Back, Sleeping Beauty, Prime Mover, Accidents Happen).

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