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Spoiler Warning : Star Wars Story Scoops!

Han! Hands! Handsome Villains! Handful of Images! Handing over to the other sites now…

Darth Vader will cameo in “Star Wars : Episode VII” – that’s just one of the credible-sounding rumours floating around the ‘Galaxy’ this week in regards to the film’s plottular pointage.


For those whose internet connection has been wobbly the past couple of months, the film’s rumoured plot involves a couple of youngsters finding Luke Skywalker’s severed hand (the one he had sliced off in “Empire Strikes Back”). With the help of some of Skywalker’s old friends – namely Han Solo and Chewbacca – they trek off to find the Jedi.

And to the new revelations…

Latino Review says that Vader will appear in flashback. A search party headed by Han Solo rescues Luke Skywalker, who has been held captive since the events of “Return of the Jedi”. When they find him, Skywalker has a flashback involving the film’s main villains The Inquisitors (defenders of the Sith Order) have been doing nasty business since the Vader days; we’ll get to see them take orders from the black-suited one in the scene.
Another flashback scene will see Billie Lourd playing a young Princess Leia.

Also, the hand in the photo below? That belongs to the film’s main bad guy, according to Bad Ass Digest.

He wears a black robe. His eyes are deep red. And half of his face is metal. He’s a cyborg

And Indie Revolver have a concept art sketch of the guy – holding Vader’s helmet :

Bad Ass Digest says that when the film begins Solo and Chewbacca are no longer getting about in the Millennium Falcon (it now belongs to Oscar Isaac’s character), but a Super Star Destroyer.

In addition, Indie Revolver has published some sketches of what Han Solo will look like in the movie – how you like those Imperial Rank garbs, peeps!?

Lots of stuff trickling out plot-wise in relation to “Episode VII” so no doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more as the weeks inch closer to the release.

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