Gordon-Levitt updates on Sandman


Joseph Gordon-Levitt says the feature film version of “Sandman”, the comics-originating superhero jaunt he’s attached to headline, is still in the scripting stage.

“Right now we’re working on a script. It’s me and [David] Goyer and the screenwriter and Neil Gaiman, as well as the good folks at DC and Warner Bros. It’s a really cool team of people. It’s a lot of the same people who worked on the Nolan ‘Batman’ movies. It’s really exciting”, the “Sin City : A Dame to Kill For” star told Moviefone.

He adds, “We’re still kind of working it out because it’s such a complicated adaptation because ‘Sandman’ wasn’t written as novels. ‘Sin City’ was written as a novel. ‘Sandman’ is 75 episodic issues. There’s a reason people have been trying and failing to adapt ‘Sandman’ for the past 20 years.”

Gordon-Levitt is considering directing the project, and says he’s picked up quite a few tips from Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller while working on “Sin City”.