Teaser trailer for next season’s Girls


HBO has released a teaser trailer for the fourth season of its Emmy nominated comedy “Girls”.

In true “Girls” fashion, the teaser depicts Hannah (played by the show’s creator Lena Dunham) riding a bike through the park and down a picturesque path before swerving off and crashing into the grass.

But a twist ensues at the end as we discover that it wasn’t Dunham who fell but a stunt double. We see the crew stride into frame ready to switch Dunham and her stunt double for the next shot.

The teaser seems to suggest that Hannah – who, in the season three finale, was torn between staying in New York and accepting a place at the University of Iowa’s writing workshop – may have taken the position and left New York City. As for the fates of the other characters, the trailer gives nothing away.

Season four is likely to premiere early next year. In the meantime, enjoy the short teaser below and keep an eye on Emmy coverage – Dunham has been nominated for leading actress and Adam Driver is up for best supporting actor.