Might Deadwood return?


When HBO abruptly axed – mainly for financial reasons – the acclaimed western drama “Deadwood” it left fans open-jawed, aggravated that David Milch’s superb series wouldn’t get a real ending.

One of the show’s cast members says Milch still holds out hope “Deadwood” might get it’s fourth season.. one day.

“He’s the true creative genius behind it, and he knew he needed four seasons, that’s it”, Kim Dickens, who played Joanie Stubbs on the series, tells TV Line. “He had a perfect wrapping it up place. You know, I’ve spoken to him about it, and I think he harbors a hope and he’s always open to the possibility.”

With the resurgence in digitally-streamed series – like “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development” – might technology have paved the way for that to happen?

“Deadwood” featured a rather bravura cast of notables, including Timothy Olyphant (who went on to star in “Justified”), Ian McShane, Brad Dourif, Molly Parker, John C.Hawkes, and Powers Boothe.