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Star Wars Episode VII updates : Death Star returns!? Falcon spotted! Luke swaps sides!?

Lots of imagery hints without any solid confirmation…

J.J Abrams wants an Apple watch. Either that or he’s simply used that as an excuse to plug the fact that the ‘Empire’ – and an interior design familiar to devotees of the original trilogy – make a reprise in “Star Wars : Episode VII”. So what do you guys make of this familiar reflective pattern? Does the new film feature the Death Star? Maybe a Star Destroyer? Maybe it appears in that rumoured Darth Vader flashback scene? Or is JJ just Jedi mind-fucking us!?

Meanwhile, this Twitter feed for a flying school in England reports that a familiar-looking spacecraft is sharing their airspace – or at least, runway space – at the moment. Yup, that’s Chewie’s ‘ride’ parked on the tar there.

Finally, at least for today, new rumours suggest Mark HamilL’s Luke Skywalker might be channeling his inner-Sebastian Shaw in the new film – at least for part of it anyway. Is Luke the ‘big bad’ of the new trilogy? Definitely a good angle for it – the ‘full circle’ thing.

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