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News Briefs – September 13, 2014

“MI:5” and “Ted 2” set pics, “Episode VII” rumour, Casting for “That’s What I’m Talking About”, “Good Kids”, “Vacation”, “Demolition” and more…

Christopher McQuarrie has tweeted a pic of the “Mission : Impossible 5” heroes :

David Fincher thinks the second “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” could still happen – if only because Sony outlayed a hefty amount to acquire the rights. Mark Wahlberg movie “Shooter” looks to become a series via Paramount television. Meantime, the actor has shared a pictured from the set of “Ted 2” – suggesting ‘Flash Gordon’ will make a reappearance.


There’s a fresh “Star Wars : Episode VII” rumour online regarding sir Skywalker : “From what I’ve been told, Luke hasn’t been missing for a full 30 years, only about 10, with his early time post-RETURN OF THE JEDI being spent rebuilding the Jedi Order. Yeah, Luke had some things to do, in order to help get things back on track after the fall of the Empire. In addition, he has grown so powerful with his command of the Force that he can literally move mountains or bring down ships with merely a glance. But then Luke begins to feel a disturbance in the Force… and starts to feel the lure of the Dark Side. If word about the Emperor’s resurgence is true, I believe his presence and desire to court young Skywalker once again is the root of this new evil. Because he knows just what a danger he would be if successfully convinced to switch sides, Luke goes into a self-imposed exile and disappears.”

Richard Linklater’s baseball flick “That’s What I’m Talking About” may end up with a cast that includes Tyler Hoechlin (“Teen Wolf”), Blake Jenner (“Glee”) and Wyatt Russell (“22 Jump Street”).

Ashley Judd and Demian Bichir have joined teen coming-of-age story “Good Kids”, about some highschool students who reinvent themselves as rebels.

Elizabeth Gillies (“Victorious”) has a small role in the “Vacation” reboot.

“Daredevil” showrunner Steven S.DeKnight says his version of The Man Without Fear is more grounded (than the movie).

Ang Lee is in talks to helm “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”, based on the acclaimed Iraq War novel.

HBO has decided not to move forward with Ryan Murphy’s sexuality drama “Open” starring Scott Speedman.

James McAvoy seems to think he might be going bald for “X-Men : Apocalypse”.

Fox TV Group CEO Dana Walden is mulling over the possibility of more “24”. “We are talking about it, thinking about when would be the best opportunity for it. We are checking with our creative partners how much enthusiasm they have for doing another installment. We were really pleased with this past season, just thought creatively it was top-notch. That was a great reward to the fans of the show who were ready to see more episodes of Jack Bauer, and it was a great financial endeavor for all of us – especially when you look at our businesses holistically, where it gave FBC a real shot in the arm in terms of ratings and viewers who were circulating on our network well into summer, and the studio, which made a lucrative SVOD deal around the event of bringing the show back.”

Dan Brown’s novel “Digital Fortress” might be headed to TV.

Morgan Freeman will teach Ben-Hur how to chariot race in the upcoming remake.

Chris Cooper is joining Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts in “Demolition”.

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