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Gotham questions answered!

Will there be crossovers with “Arrow”? When will Batman and The Joker make appearances? Where’s The Riddler’s costume?

Batman prequel series “Gotham” aired across the US of A tonight (Netflix airings pending – I believe it’s at the end of the first season) and reviews ranged from mixed to good, with most remarking on how surprisingly dark the Bruno Heller-shepherded superhero-hour was.

Naturally, and despite the fact we’re only 60 minutes into the show, people want to know ‘what’s next?’, ‘when do we see Batman!?’, ‘is The Joker going to be making an appearance?’, and ‘will Commissioner Gordon team up with Oliver Queen?’

Here’s a few answers to a few questions (via Digital Spy):


Despite the fact that the shows all air on different networks, Heller isn’t ruling out a crossover with “Arrow” or “The Flash” – or one of those other DC-produced serials.

“We’ll see as we roll on. Precise tone is the important thing in establishing a series, but then you have to see what other shows live in the same universe. Would it be weird if they met up?” Heller told Digital Spy. “It’s fun for the audience to see that clash, but actually doing it is scary. I hope we do at some point. That’s the beautiful thing about being inside the DC Universe, but we’ll wait and see what pops and what doesn’t.”

The Joker

Not anytime soon, folks.

“We’re going to wait and get the show up and running [before we meet the real Joker],” Heller said. “We want to get the story right and we want to be tonally right – and then we’ll start thinking about how to bring him in. We will certainly try to surprise people, and maybe even trick people. It’s one of those expectations that everyone will be waiting for, so you can’t just present the guy with a big smile and start telling the story. Not that that would be dull, but that’s one of those opportunities to really start playing with this.”


“We start with a child, but how did he end up as Batman? Things change – that’s the beauty of TV – but that’s the natural arc of the show and that’s where I would like to see it end because essentially that’s the story.”

Costumed Villains

“There are certain villains that can and do precede Batman. There are others that don’t, and we’ll play with that. Generally speaking, we won’t go to the full theatrical, spandex costume aspect of the villains – the fully-fledged villains – because it’s almost not consistent with this world.


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