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A remake of Van Damme’s Lionheart might be in the works

“Not sure if I will do this as it doesn’t seem to be a film needing a remake”, says Albert Pyun

With a new incarnation of “Kickboxer” headed before the cameras, and both “Bloodsport” and “TimeCop” getting the redo treatment sometime soon too, it’d seem the back catalog of Jean-Claude Van Damme is now a free-for-all in regards to Hollywood remakers.

Albert Pyun, director of Van Damme’s “Cyborg”, says he’s been approached to direct a remake of “Lionheart” (aka “Wrong Bet”) – but unlike the other JC remakes that are in the works, this one would again feature the Muscles from Brussels.

“I’ve been approached about directing a remake of Van Damme’s “Lionheart” with Van Damme by the rights holding distributor”, the filmmaker posted on Facebook. “Not sure if I will do this as it doesn’t seem to be a film needing a remake. I guess I’d changed the Los angeles setting to Hong Kong, but I am not sure it fits in with what I do. But I told the rights holder I will consider it depending on how excited JCVD is about it. And if I can make it with my vision of it.”

The distributor doesn’t own the sequel rights, only the remake rights.

“I’m not sure a remake is in order except it would be nice to see JCVD flex those martial art muscles again, especially against MMA fighters!”, Pyun adds. “If I don’t feel I can bring something new and better to it, I’ll pass.”

Pyun is also developing a film based on ‘Napoleon’, which he wants Van Damme to star in. That film would shoot next April, if it gets the go-ahead.

“The Napoleon shoot has to be set for next April due to weather in Croatia or Bulgaria. I think the distrib wants this remake or, in my case, re-imagining, to shoot this year.”

Pyun says that if he decides to do the “Lionheart” redo, he hopes to get Sheldon Lettich, who wrote and directed the original “Lionheart”, back to write the remake. He’d also like Sasha Mitchell, who played Van Damme’s brother in “Kickboxer II : The Road Back”, to co-star in the film.

What do you think, folks? Is a “Lionheart” remake a good idea?

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