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A Legendary Lost in Space reboot coming!

Heather Graham likely won’t be involved in the small-screen relaunch.. as if you needed to ask!

Like a puff of deodorant over my Batman undies, what’s old is new again.

While Ghostbusters fans sulk about Sony’s plans to relaunch the franchise with an unloyal all-chicks version (the tears have totally smeared my make-up! Damn you Culver City!), Legendary prepares to get “Lost in Space” fans jazzed – or is that jizzed? – with a “Lost in Space” relaunch. And from the sounds of it, this one will feature a cameo by Ernie Hudson as Winston.

Deadline says the ‘reboot’ of the classic ‘60s TV series – Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! – is a long-time passion project for Legendary. With networks and film studios horny for anything that’s “been done before”, they’ll likely make the thing before finding a home for it because they’ll probably have a few bidders.

Hard-to-spell screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burke Sharpless are penning the script. They’re the guys responsible for this week’s Batman Begins, er, “Dracula Untold”.

I’m guessing, since Paul Feig isn’t involved, that the new “Lost in Space” will share some links to the original series – even if it’s a pull-out poster of naked Bill Mumy on a teenager’s bedroom wall.

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