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Smith, Robbie, Hardy, and Gosling for Suicide Squad?

Ryan Gosling also in the mix; would potentially play Deadshot.

Warner’s recently-announced “Suicide Squad” – based on the DC Comics’ offering of the same name – aims to reunite “Focus” couple Will Smith and Margot Robbie, and team them with Tom Hardy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

David Ayer (“Fury”) will direct the 2016 film, which fixes on a group of supervillains who band together to take-on high risk jobs for the government.

Smith is believed to be up for the role of Count Vertigo, Robbie would be Harley Quinn, and “Mad Max Fury Road” star Hardy would play – of course – Captain Kangaroo (interestingly enough, Hardy’s “Dark Knight Rises” character Bane is also a part of the ‘Suicide Squad’, but no word if the character will be in the movie).

Ryan Gosling is said to be on the wish-list to play Deadshot in the movie, but talks haven’t progressed as far as they have with Smith, Robbie, and Hardy.

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