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Mad Max vs. the X-Men!?

Yet another rumoured comic book movie role for Tom Hardy

Only today it was said that he was a contender for ‘Doctor Strange’ over at Marvel, and a couple of days ago his name was linked to Warner superhero project “Suicide Squad”, now a report surfaces suggesting Fox might want Tom Hardy for one of their future comic book movies.

The “Dark Knight Rises” star – this week said to be in the mix to star in David Ayer’s aforesaid “Suicide Squad” movie; the pic teams some of DC’s most famous supervillains, as well as for the title role in Scott Derrickson’s “Doctor Strange” – is said to be Fox’s pic to play ‘Apocalypse’ aka En Sabah Nur (the first mutant) in “X-Men : Apocalypse”, according to The Wrap.

Studio execs are sheep : If one has the idea to cast Hardy in a superhero blockbuster, then another will.. and another. Domino effect. Whether Hardy is even interested in doing another comic book flick (after all, he did the third “Batman” and he didn’t snare the worthy notices many would expecting he would as Bane) is the real question.

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