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Sexy new Star Wars title!

I no longer have to type “Star Wars Episode VII” into a subject header box! It’s too big, and it’s got it’s fellow news headers all bent out of shape because it’s elongatedness screws up the structure of the news box! And I just got a kiss on the cheek from ‘tags’ too, who said I’m holier than a donut for switching it out with a shorter title. But please, please, don’t thank me, backend options.. thank J.J Abrams, Disney, Lucasfilm, and the screwy little rat thing who laughs-creepily besides Jabba!

“Star Wars Episode VII” has a cool, shorter title :

“The Wallow of Wicket”.

Okay, I’m joking. It’s much hotter.

It’s “Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens”.

Gonna need a cold sponge on Aisle 2.

But I totally just realized something… I’m going to have to still type “Star Wars Episode VII” into both the subject header box and ‘tags’ box, because people won’t know what the heck “The Force Awakens” is. It’s going to be a long time before that title reminds anyone of anything other than some randy form of morning foreplay. starwarsforce

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