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Joy! It’s a Silver Linings reunion

Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence are looking to reunite for another David O.Russell movie.

“Joy”, says The Hollywood Reporter, would tell of Joy Mangano, the inventor the Miracle Mop.

De Niro, Lawrence and O’Russell worked on 2012’s “Silver Linings Playbook” together. De Niro is officially onboard the moment Lawrence closes, suggesting she’s a big part of him wanting to do the movie.

The movie would start up in early February.

Mangano (being portrayed by Lawrence) is a fixture on the Home Shopping Network with her many inventions, though the mop was her ticket to fame and fortune. She began her inventing as a teen and kept on dreaming and tinkering while still a single mom raising three kids.

De Niro would play Mangano’s father.

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