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Lee Daniels’ Demon House

Lee Daniels (“The Butler”) will direct “Demon House”, a true horror story for Relativity, according to Variety.

The film tells of a family – the Ammons clan of Gary, Indiana – who claimed they were under demonic possession.

Ammons and her three children have asserted that in 2011 and 2012, the children experienced episodes of levitation, strangling one another and speaking in growls. The Gary Police Department, Department of Child Services and the local church filed reports about the supernatural occurrences, and exorcisms were performed with police standing by.

One DCS case manager witnessed Ammons’ youngest son growling with eyes rolled back, locking his hands around his older brother’s throat — with no subsequent recollection of the incident.

The Ammons family moved out of the house in 2012, and the new residents have not experienced any supernatural occurrences.

The project has been in development since August.

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