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Moviehole does SeaWorld

With Summer fastly approaching, Moviehole will be checking out some of the worthwhile escapes for you and your family.

Part of Village Roadshow’s hub of Gold Coast theme park attractions, SeaWorld remains one of the most enjoyable days out. With it’s state-of-the-art rides, opportunities to get up close with some of the beautiful mammals on earth, and shows that blow most park attractions out of the show, it really does get no better.

olarsIf you love your marine life, there’s no going past the 10 or more spots to get to make a new fishy friend. From Polar Bear Shores to Seal Harbour and Dolphin Cove, all members of the family will be captivated by these beautiful but also very entertaining star shows.On this day particular day we spent considerable time with the Fairy Penguins at Penguin Point. These beautiful mini stunners of the sea are just gorgeous to observe. You can observe them diving, swimming and burrowing as they playfully interact with each other while getting a rare and educational insight into the nature of these amazing flightless birds.

ridesFor those keen on seeing some of the water’s more dangerous inhabitants, there’s no going past Shark Bay. Based in a man-made lagoon, these sharks swim with other amazing creatures of the sea – tropical fish, sting rays etc – in a landscape reminiscent of something you’d find through your googles on the Great Barrier Reef. There’s two floors here, both offering optimum views of the bottom dwellers – above and beyond the water.

There are 8 fantastically-crafted rides to be bedazzled – and thrilled – by at SeaWorld. From Storm Coaster to Jet Rescue and Beach Break Bay, there’s no shortage of fun to be had between mammal-spotting. Our favourite is the terrific Flume ride – an old mainstay of Gold Coast SeaWorld – Viking’s Revenge, which culminates in an air-sucking, smile-enducing 13m above ground drop down a slippery dip. You’ll want to ride this again, and again, and again!

Storm Coaster, appropriate for the whole family, is one of the new attractions at SeaWorld. Keen to face a 20m Wave on Dry Land? No? But what if we can guarantee you won’t get hurt but only have a horde of fun!

The littlies will enjoy the Park’s character-skewed attractions, like the Dora the Explorer Meet n’ Greet, the Nick characters that stalk the park looking for new faces, and the new Sponebob 3D attraction. Just try drag the little ones away from these fun highlights of your stay!


If you’re willing to pay a little extra (but a lot for a little!), you must book yourself in to swim with the Dolphins. We had an unbelievable time getting to know these wondrous, gorgeous creatures of the deep; innocent, friendly, and very gifted (it’s amazing what they can do!), it’s well worth registering yourself a session with these educators of the wet.

All-in-all, SeaWorld is still as much fun as it ever was. If you’re headed to the Gold Coast over the silly season, there’s really no going past it.

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