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Highlander aims for Top Gun

In ‘not gonna happen’ news, Tom Cruise is being sought to play Ramirez, Connor Macleod’s mentor, in the long-gestating “Highlander” reboot.

The news comes from The Wrap, complete with a quote from Cruise’s rep that the “Mission : Impossible” star and Summit Entertainment are “far from talks”. In other words, the “Highlander” reboot is simply one of a couple of thousand scripts Cruise has received in the last month or two so not only is it unlikely he’ll do the flick, but his coffee cup will probably get more acquainted with the script than he will.

Sean Connery played Ramirez in the original “Highlander” and it’s shoddy sequel “Highlander II : The Quickening”.

According to Summit, Cruise remains their top pick for the role of Juan Ramirez. They’re likely waiting for Cruise to respond before going out to actors for the role of Macleod; the bigger the name they get for Ramirez, the bigger the buck they can snag for the ‘Highlander’, I guess? (Ryan Reynolds was at one stage mentioned as a possibility for Macleod).

Cedric Nicolas-Troyan directs the film, which “Twilight” scribe Melissa Rosenberg was one of the writers on.

Quite frankly, nothing about the reboot tickles my neck hairs. Think I’ll just spend 90 minutes watching “Queen” videos on Vevo instead.

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