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Schwarzenegger answers Terminator : Genisys trailer questions!

Following the debut of the “Terminator : Genisys” trailer today, Arnold Schwarzenegger hopped on Facebook to answer some fan questions. He didn’t give much of anything away about the movie, but he did talk more generally about what we see in the trailer and such things as, the size of his part. Oops. That sounded wrong.

Here’s a few bits from the Q+A :

Arnold, most impressive trailer!! I’m so there! But there is A LOT of concern that you might have a very small role in this new Terminator based on the trailer. Is this a cameo or substantial lead role?
I have the starring role and you see me throughout the entire movie.

You look great. What kind of workout routine are you doing?
Every morning I did an hour of cardiovascular training on the LifeCycle, the arm cycle, the eliptical, and the treadmill, and I use variable resistances. I do 10 minutes each, and in between I do situps, crunches, and leg raises. Every evening, I work out one hour with the weights. I do a circuit M/W/F where I do 10 sets of 5 different shoulders and arm exercises with minimal rest. T/R/S is the same thing with chest, back and legs. I still train calves every day.

What’s your favorite quote in the Terminator’s saga #AskTerminator
I always like the “I’ll be back” line because it is a great philosophy for life. Life isn’t all successes, it is also defeats. But you can always be back. No matter what, just like the Terminator. You’re not a loser when you fall. You’re only a loser if you don’t get up. Winners get up and come back.

How was working with new cast and new director?What do you think of the new stars? Love you can’t wait to see it!Don’t stop being so awesome and greetings from Bulgaria!
Alan Taylor was an absolutely fantastic, visionary director to work with. And the new cast was so talented, but more importantly, they were so willing to work their ass off to make this a great movie.
For example, there was one big grueling, punishing fight scene that took a full week to shoot, and no one ever complained.

During production, how did it feel when you had to place yourself within a scene you filmed back in 1984? attacking your character that would be placed in during post production? Must be weird fighting your old self? Great Job again Arnold, legend!
It is absolutely bizarre to fight yourself, but at the same time nostalgic to go back to one of the scenes that really launched my career and experience it again.

The trailer doesn’t seem to focus much on your Terminator, is that what we can expect from the film or will you have a larger role in the overall film?
Just remember that this is just the first trailer. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing A LOT of my Terminator.

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