Exclusive : Steve Jobs looking for Dad

The casting couch is warm over at Uni’s “Steve Jobs” (that’s the official title, we hear – at present, anyway).

Director Danny Boyle is currently filling roles big (Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen are set, with Kate Winslet in talks) and small, with the hunt currently underway for a pivotal supporting role.

Jandali is described as “MALE; PART MIDDLE-EASTERN; 50s – 60s; LOOKS LIKE STEVE JOBS IN HIS LATER YEARS, he’s the owner of a restaurant that Steve Jobs frequents.”

Those in the know will be aware that Jandali wasn’t just the owner of a restaurant that Jobs visited, but he turned out to be his biological father. Google away!

And no, we can’t help you get the gig.

Kenneth Welsh or Richard Dreyfuss might work?

“Steve Jobs” starts filming in January, 2015 in San Francisco.

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