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Steven Spielberg wants to direct Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones?!

Will Steven Spielberg and Chris Pratt team up to bring us the next “Indiana Jones” instalment?!

Deadline reports that Spielberg hopes to direct Disney’s “Indiana Jones” reboot and he wants Chris Pratt to take over the lead from Harrison Ford.

With the film still in the very early stages of development, however, it’s too early to know if Spielberg will take the job. The director would need to see a script that he deemed satisfactory before he’d sign on.

Spielberg of course directed the first four films in the franchise with Ford playing the titular archaeologist.

We also know that Spielberg is a fan of Pratt’s work, having exclusively picked the actor to star in his upcoming “Jurassic World” film (set to hit cinemas on June 12).

It’s early days yet, and really, who knows if the Spielberg-Pratt partnership will come to fruition. But if it does, stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted!

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