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TV casting : George, Annable, O’Quinn, Stern, Chalke

Melissa George and Dave Annable are set for the new NBC drama “Heart Matters”. “Inspired by the life of Dr. Kathy Magliato, the medical soap follows the outspoken Alex Panttiere (George), one of the rare female heart-transplant surgeons. Alex brings an innovative eye to treating patients week to week while also balancing the complications of her professional and romantic life.” Annable play’s Alex boyfriend (Deadline).

Terry O’Quinn (“Lost”) will star in ABC Studio’s “The Adversaries”. This one “centers on the patriarch of a New York legal dynasty who becomes embroiled in a trial of his own, and his federal prosecutor daughter must decide which side she will fight on.” O’Quinn will play Charlie, the head of the law firm Fisher, Fisher and Herrero. (Deadline)

“Home Alone” star Daniel Stern will join Danny Pudi on NBC pilot “Strange Calls”. The show “centers on Toby (Pudi), an affable but down-on-his-luck young police officer. He is transferred to a rural town where — with the help of Gregor (Stern), a peculiar, elderly nightwatchman — he starts to realize the town has a bizarre supernatural underbelly.” Allison Miller and Aliyah Royale are also onboard. (Deadline)

Former “Scrubs” star Sarah Chalke will star on Fox’s “48 Hours”. The show, also starring Rob Riggle, “chronicles husband and father of three Charlie’s (Riggle) desperate struggle not to let every weekend go completely to hell.” (Deadline)

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