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Star Wars TV show Strikes Back!?

It’s not hard to believe, considering they’re milking this here cow’s teats until they’re cerise, but nevertheless consider a new rumour suggesting a live-action “Star Wars” TV show is on the way just that. For now.

You may recall that, back in the days of the ‘prequel’ trilogy, George Lucas and Rick McCallum were gearing up to do a small-screen “Star Wars” series – planning to shoot downunder at Sydney’s Fox Studios at one stage – but it seemed to fall by the wayside. McCallum has since said that they’ve hours and hours of unused TV scriptage now sitting in a Lucasfilm vault somewhere.
Is it possible that this new rumoured show is that very same series?

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm, it had been reported that the former were looking at possibility bringing a live-action “Star Wars” drama to TV, but did anyone take much notice? I mean, the moment Disney nabbed the brand they suddenly expressed interest in doing anything and everything at that stage ‘Star Wars’. I’m still waiting for the Mon Mothma condom brand.

If the rumour is on the money, then the new live-action “Wars” would film on the same sets used by the new movies. An exercise in recycling, and all that.

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