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Mad Max may return for three more!

Warner Bros are feeling confident

Seemingly convinced they’ve got a hit on their hands, Warner Bros have locked “Mad Max Fury Road” star Tom Hardy into reprising the role of the apocalyptic warrior a further three times. But, stresses the 37-year-old actor, that doesn’t mean there’ll necessarily be any more “Mad Max” movies.

“Everything’s based on figures and how things are perceived”, Hardy tells Esquire. “Inevitably it’s a business.”

Granted, Writer-Director George Miller has always been thinking beyond “Fury Road”; before this one started production he’d mentioned that it was the first of two new films, and he had originally intended to film the two back-to-back.

Until critics get a chance to check out “Fury Road”, we’ll just have to take Hardy’s word for it that it’s “fucking unbelievable”.

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