James D.Cooper – Lambert & Stamp

Documents the journey of Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert as they discovered The Who

James D. Cooper

James D. Cooper

Directed by James D. Cooper, and produced by Douglas Graves and Loretta Harms, featuring Chris Stamp, Terrence Stamp, and surviving members of “The Who” Pete Townshend (“Tommy”) and Roger Daltrey (“Tommy”, “Once Upon a Time”), “Lambert & Stamp” documents the journey of Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert as they discovered, and brought “The Who” to fame, offered out recording contracts before having a record label, and created a record label all while trying to make a film about it. While at Sony Studios in NYC I had the chance to meet with James D. Cooper to discuss the fascinating lives of Lambert and Stamp. We talked about the adventure of filming this with Stamp and band members Townshend and Daltrey, Kit being homosexual in England at a time when being gay was illegal, and how “The High Numbers” became “The Who.”

To hear the interview click the link below, “Lambert & Stamp” opens in theaters on April 3rd.

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