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Parenthood may return as limited series

The question is, when!?

Will we ever see the Braverman’s again? If “Parenthood” EP Jason Katims has his way, we definitely will.

While Katims says he’s against a follow-up movie, he would someday like to explore the possibility of reviving the series as as a limited series for telly.

“I really do love the idea of doing something in the future with the show,” Katims told the crowd at a “For Your Consideration” event honoring the series Thursday, cites THR.

“I really don’t think of it as a movie. Because of the nature of the show, it never seemed like it would work in that way,” said Katims. “It always felt — it really got great as it ramped up after a few episodes.”

“I could see coming back and doing a limited, like an eight-episode arc or something like that,” he continued. “It would be driven by: Is there another story to tell? And start with that and then from there to see … whether there was any possible way of getting everyone together at some point in the future to do it.”

Katim’s previous series, “Friday Night Lights” has long been favoured for a sequel movie – but that idea seems to have gone away.

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