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Wolverine may pop up in Deadpool

Show much for separating itself from the “X-Men” universe…

While the makers of “Deadpool” are ostensibly determined to disassociate the movie from the ire “X-Men Origins : Wolverine” (despite that being Ryan Reynolds’ first appearance as Wade Wilson, the actor is on the record saying that that guy in the X-Men spin-off wasn’t that same ‘Deadpool’ we’ll be seeing in the new film- thank god, because that version of Deadpool sucked like a toothy whore!), that doesn’t mean the superhero flick wants to totally avoid any link to the world of “X-Men”.

Speaking to today’s Herald-Sun, “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds suggests they’re trying to get – his “X-Men Origins” co-star – Hugh Jackman to reprise Wolverine for the movie.

Is your old mate Wolverine – aka Hugh Jackman – going to pop up in Deadpool?
God I hope so, that would be really nice. I dunno, we’ll see. It seems like he’s open to it, but it’s gonna be more of a scheduling issue than anything else.

While it’ll be strange having the twosome come face to face again (though as far as ‘Deadpool’ would likely be concerned, this would be Wolverine’s first intro to Wade), seeing that they are trying to distance themselves from the Jackman-starring “X-Men Origins : Wolverine” movie, it’s an easy-enough thing to pull off – being that Fox house both “Deadpool” and “X-Men”. Guess we’ll see if there’s a spare date on Jackman’s calendar.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds at a screening of "X-Men Origins : Wolverine"

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds at a screening of “X-Men Origins : Wolverine”

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