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Stallone wants Khan in Expendables 4

No, they’re not cross-pollinating the “Expendables” and “Star Trek” franchises

Another month, another “Expendables” rumour.

Add this one to the ‘latest of many rumoured for a role in an “Expendables” movie’ pile.

Bollywood star Salmon Khan (“Dabangg”) has been offered a role in the next “Expendables” movie. We noticed that star Sylvester Stallone had been tweeting with Khan and that one of the concluding messages resulted in Sly offering the actor a role in his inevitable “Expendables 4”.

“We should do an action film together”, Sly said in one Tweet.

“Maybe Expendables 4”, he added later.

Khan, 49, is cited in the media as one of the most commercially successful actors of Hindi cinema. His films include “Hero”, the “Dabangg” franchise, “Jai Ho”, and “Kick”. His foray in action seems to have caught the attention of Stallone, who praises the actor in those aforesaid Tweets for how well he crafts his movies.

It could be just talk, and obviously there’s no official offer been made, but Stallone does seem to be a man of his word so… we’ll see.

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