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Exclusive : 10 Things we know about Fuller House

The “Full House” series to air on Netflix

Deep from the dusty, echoey corridors of Good Morning Francisco, we’ve been able to unearth some juicy details about Netflix’s upcoming – and let’s admit it, highly anticipated (sorry, er.. did I express enthusiasm out loud!?) – “Full House” sequel.

“Fuller House”, as you’ve probably read, is a continuation of the ’90s primetimer with most of the cast reprising their roles. Largely though, the show will fix on the lives of now grown-up Tanner sisters D.J (Candace Cameron Bure) and Stef (Jodie Sweetin), along with the former’s irritating bestie turned housemate Kimmy (Andrea Barber).

Want to know a little more? Okay, here’s 10 titbits we’ve been able to uncover about the upcoming binge watcher.

Then and Now

Then and Now

1. DJ’s surname is ‘Fuller’ – hence ‘Fuller House. Her late husband’s name was Tommy. She’s single now, left widowed and pregnant (with her third)…. but her sister and friend, as well as a certain young beau from her teenage years (hello Steve!), will arrive on the scene to help spice up her life.

2. DJ’s kids are named JD and Max. Max is essentially a teenage clone of his Uncle Jesse (guest star John Stamos), while Max is a shy, geeky 6-year-old (essentially Danny). As JD says in the first ep, he likes “pretty girls, you like homework”. These roles, as well as the one below, are being cast over the next week going into June.

3. Kimmy will have the one kid – half-white, half-white Mexican Ramona – though she prefers to think she’s one-hundred percent Latino. We get a sense in the pilot that her idol might be JLo. She also has an amusing way of greeting the Fuller kids, either calling them “Fuller-itos” or referring to Max as “Maxito”.

4. Ramona has her own video blog on YouTube – not that anybody much watches it. Expect the ‘you don’t need to be popular…’ style lessons in regards to the character.

5. Thanks to Kimmy and daughter Ramona, as well as Stef, moving in, JD and Max have to share a room. Little brother attempts to get big brother to make his own bed – properly – but it’s a task.. one that’ll take 22 minutes to figure out. These two are essentially Oscar and Felix.

6. JD and Max’s dad, a heroic firefighter, has passed; Ramona’s father is a bit of a rascal. One of them will turn up on the doorstep.

7. Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) will pop by to give fatherly (in that trademark Jesse way) advice to JD, and wife Becky (Lori Loughlin) is also occasionally dropping in.

8. Much like “Girl Meets World”, a lot of those ‘returning actors’ – aside from the leads – will only pop up in an episode here and there, and in the first season you won’t see a lot of them. Producers are saving up those special appearances for select eps, apparently. They want the first season to focus on the ‘girls’.

9. Grandpa (Bob Saget) will be dropping in – and yes, he’s as dorky as ever. Think ‘George McFly’.

10. While the producers are still holding out hope that Mary-Kate & Ashley change their minds, they’ve floated the idea of recasting the role of Michelle – especially if the aforementioned duo don’t cave in by the time they’re ready to film their second season.

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