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It remake lives!

A new director and new production company involved

With Cary Fukunaga opting to no longer direct, as well as countless other hurdles over the years on the flick, it seemed as if New Line’s big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” was as good as dead.

What a difference a few days makes.

According to Bloody Disgusting, “It” is still very much a go project. Warner Bros will now house the film, but it will retain all of the production elements of the Fukunaga incarantion – it’ll span two films, be filmed in New York, and the story will retain the script changes that the “True Detective” helmer insisted on. But no, Fukunaga won’t be back. That sounds definite.

The film, which Will Poulter was at one stage in talks to play Pennywise in, should have a new director secured sometime in June.

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