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Stallone wants to do Cliffhanger 2

Not the first time the idea has come up..

Not long after the first film hit in the early ’90s, there was word that Sony wanted Sylvester Stallone to front a “Cliffhanger” sequel. If I recall correctly, the movie was called “The Dam” and would’ve… well, seen his rock-climbing hero Gabe Walker do battle with the same liquified threat he ended up facing in the flick “Daylight”. And that, I suppose, is the reason we never saw “Cliffhanger 2 : The Dam”. Maybe it was retooled to be “Daylight”? Maybe it just went away..?

With Stallone’s recent interest in returning to his old roles (he’s reprising both Rocky and Rambo in the near future), no surprise to hear the year-old is interested in returning to the rock.

Via an Instagram post, the “Creed” actor mentioned his enthusiasm for a “Cliffhanger” sequel – but with some hesitation.

Serious mutterings or just a thought? Guess we’ll see..

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