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Egerton wants to be the next Wolverine

Hugh Jackman’s quitting the gig, so it’s up for grabs!

With Hugh Jackman recently announcing his retirement from ‘Wolverine’, one actor already has his hand way up to replace him.

Brit actor Taron Egerton, who hit the big-time with his co-starring turn in Fox’s “Kingsman” earlier this year, says he’d love to take over for Jackman when the Aussie thesp hangs up his claws.

Egerton worked with Jackman on the upcoming “Eddie the Eagle” biopic, so might even have a leg-up on any competition.

The actor tells Screen Rant, “I don’t know if I’m quite grizzly enough. My facial hair is still very thin and patchy. I feel someone who plays Wolverine potentially needs testosterone in abundance. Yeah, I’d love to have a go at it, but I don’t know. [Laughs] I don’t know. I was with Hugh the day that he announced his retirement from that role. I did joke about that very thing with him. But the phone hasn’t rang yet, my friend, so I don’t know.”

Egerton was near cast as another ‘X-Men’ character earlier this year when he was shortlisted for the role of Cyclops in “X-Men : Apocalypse”; the role ultimately went to Tye Sheridan.

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