Comic Con : Veronica Mars to return as event series!?

Though it wouldn’t be happening anytime soon…

While such a project would likely be years away, “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas said at Comic Con Saturday that there’s a chance the tween snoop might return to TV.

Though Bell’s Veronica Mars was last seen in a 2014 feature film, and a film franchise seemed to be what Thomas was interested in there, the TV vet seems to have changed course to work towards a potential event series (a’la “24 : Live Another Day”, The 2016 “X-Files” reboot).

“I hope [we get to do a second movie]. Kristen’s game, I’m certainly game… possibly to do a second movie or a short-run series, like Veronica Mars : True Detective”, Thomas told TV Line. “That’s really appealing to us.”

Thomas stressed that he’s been so busy with his new series “iZombie” that he hasn’t had a chance to pitch the idea to the network (either The CW or UPN) though.

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