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Cruise : Mission : Impossible 6 filming next Summer

Tom Cruise will be back as Ethan Hunt

“Mission : Impossible – Rogue Nation” has only just kicked off it’s global run, yet Tom Cruise says work is already underway on a sixth installment in the long-running film franchise.

Appearing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Cruise – also a producer on the films – says they’re already developing the next Ethan Hunt adventure, with filming likely to kick off next Summer.

No word on a director but Cruise likes to select a different director for each “Mission” installment so that each film has a different look and feel so Christopher McQuarrie (“Rogue Nation”) likely won’t be back at the wheel.

Cruise – and, we expect, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin and Jeremy Renner – could be back in theaters by 2017 if all goes to plan.

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