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McAvoy, Fassbender staying on with X-Men – but what about Lawrence?

Fox not planning to reboot the series … just yet.

Though their contracts are up after “X-Men : Apocalypse”, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender look to continue with the superhero series for sometime yet.

Heroic Hollywood reports that, instead of rebooting or spinning-off the current “X-Men” series after next year’s “Apocalypse”, Fox plan to continue with the “First Class” line of stories.

Fassbender and McAvoy continuing on with "X-Men" series

Fassbender and McAvoy continuing on with “X-Men” series

The site says Fox signed McAvoy and Fassbender to reprise Professor X and Magneto, respectively, over the weekend – around the same time they nailed Channing Tatum down to the “Gambit” role.

Now the focus will likely be on getting some of the other “X-Men” to commit to more movies – but they’ll likely be hard pressed getting Jennifer Lawrence back as Mystique, since she’d previously said “Apocalypse” would be her final stint in the blue garb.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

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