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The return of Gene Wilder!?

“Willy Wonka” great may make a comeback with Steven Spielberg movie

Steven Spielberg is hoping to lure Gene Wilder – who hasn’t been in a film since 1991’s “Another You” – out of retirement to play a key role in the former’s next, “Ready Player One”.

According to Aint it Cool News, Spielberg has already met with the comedy great, and star of such films as “Blazing Saddles” and “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”, about playing James Halliday, the gifted programmer and game designer at the center of Ernie Cline’s story.


Halliday has invented a simulator known as OASIS, a virtual universe that essentially replaces the real world. When he passes, the inventor leaves an Easter Egg in the game and whoever finds it will inherit a large fortune.

Wilder’s last onscreen appearance was in an episode of “Will & Grace” in 2003.

“Ready Player One” is expected to hit theaters in 2017.

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