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Hugh Jackman in talks for The Odyssey

Based on the poem for Homer, of course.

Hugh Jackman is in talks to star in a new film based on Homer’s “The Odyssey” for Lionsgate, says The Wrap.

“The Odyssey”, a follow-up to “The Iliad”, is set in 8th century B.C where Odysseus begins his journey home after the fall of Troy. While he travels on his lengthy journey, his wife Penelope is hit on by, it seems, every man in existence.

Francis Lawrence (“The Hunger Games : Catching Fire”) and Nina Jacobson, producer of “The Hunger Games” series, are attached as is “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” scribe Peter Craig, who is on script duties.

Next up for Jackman, the second sequel to “Wolverine”.

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