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Will Hugh Jackman be asked to play 007?

And what might he respond to such an offer?

Hugh Jackman was first offered the opportunity to play James Bond on the big screen back in 2002, when he was filming “X-Men 2”. That didn’t work out, but the Australian actor hints that he’d probably say yes if they asked him again.

Appearing on TV’s “The Project”, the 46-year-old “Pan” star said he’d “seriously consider it” if the producers of the long-running series were to offer him the role again.

If Jackman is asked again it likely won’t be for a while; though current Bond Daniel Craig recently mentioned that his days of Bond may be behind him (suggesting the upcoming “Spectre” could be his final hurrah), Sony have since come out and reassured fans that Craig’s contract stipulates he’ll be playing the role again.

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