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Justice League movie villain revealed!?

No, it’s not Clayface.

The still-quite-a-ways-off “Justice League” movie will see DC’s heroes go up against…. Brainiac, according to Birth.Movies.Death.

The report was posted on the back of news earlier this week that a proposed “Man of Steel” sequel will feature the character, as well as Supergirl.

According to Birth.Movies.Death, those “Man of Steel 2” plans are outdated and “elements of this story were cannibalized for the eventual team-up as well as BvS.”

The site – who have been spot-on with their “Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice” scoops – says that Brainiac will come hot on the heels of a couple of other well-known Super-adversary, Doomsday, who will feature in next year’s “Batman v Superman”.

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