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Post-Credits Scene for The Force Awakens!?

Nick Fury wants you to join his team, BB-8.

With Disney set to Marvel the shit out of the “Star Wars” brand over the next decade or so, no surprise to hear that a post-credits stinger (not unlike those that follow a Marvel Studios blockbuster, be it “Thor”, “Captain America” or “Avengers”) might be tacked onto the end of this year’s “Star Wars : The Force Awakens”.

Rather than wheeling Samuel L.Jackson’s Nick Fury out, who in a few short words convinces Luke Skywalker to turn to the dark side, the stinger will apparently set up next year’s standlone “Star Wars” spin-off/prequel/thingie “Star Wars Story : Rogue One”. That’s the one where the resistance fighters team up to steal the plans to the Darth Star – back when Vader (who will obviously appear in the film) reigned supreme.

One expects that JJ Abrams, director of “The Force Awakens”, will get the final say on whether the stinger makes it onto the end of his flick. Still, it is likely Disney will find someway to promote next year’s “Rogue One” on the “Force Awakens” prints – if even by way of a smaller teaser before the main event.

Via ‘Schmoes Know‘. ‘Heroic Hollywood

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