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Hulk is returning to Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok

Mark Ruffalo is in final negotiations (although rumour has it, he’s confirmed) to reprise his role as the Incredible Hulk, aka Bruce Banner, for Marvel’s upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok”.

Chris Hemsworth is starring in the film as the titular hero, with Taika Waititi directing from a script by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle.

Tom Hiddleston and Jaimie Alexander are attached to play Loki and Lady Sif, respectively.

Assuming Ruffalo’s role in the film is locked in, this will mark the first time the actor will play the Hulk in a film that isn’t an “Avengers” movie. As for how his character will fit into the story, we’re not yet sure as plot details remain a mystery.

JoBlofirst reported the news.



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