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Deadshot & Harley Quinn in new Suicide Squad covers

Two more “Suicide Squad” Empire cover have come online today, spotlighting Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s Deadshot.

“When I got the role I started looking up Harley costumes online, with my mum sitting next to me,” Robbie told Empire. “She was like, ‘My daughter is going to dress like a prostitute!’ There are a lot of angry mothers out there!”

“On Bad Boys I trained in Miami with special-ops guys, but this is a whole other level,” Smith said of training for the film.

He also told Empire “Deadshot’s actually eyeballing [Harley] a little bit. There’s a pretty ragged romantic triangle there.”

Check out the Enchantress and The Joker covers here and see the new covers below.

harley-quinn-empire deadshot-cover

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