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Suicide Squad images & character details released

Following the low-res images and character covers, Empire has released a slew of high-res “Suicide Squad” images.

The outlet also published some new character information from the actors that play them. Check out the details below, via

Joel Kinnaman was quoted saying the following about Rick Flag: “Flag is the highest-level operator working for the government. He’s had lots of friends die and has killed many, many people… Deadshot gives him the most problems. Harley is easily distracted, but up for following orders if it means destroying things.”

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje on Killer Croc: “He’s a cannibal with rage issues. Although he only eats the most talented people. He’s picky.”

Jay Hernandez on Diablo: “Most of these guys are happy to get out there and kill people, but he just wants to stay out of the fight.”

Jai Courtney on Captain Boomerang: “He’s an absolute bogan, in the purest sense. Dave’s first instruction was ‘Find your inner s**tbag.’”

Adam Beach on Slipknot: “He’s formidable. He can climb anything, and he hands people for a living. I joke that he was caught strangling Wonder Woman.”

Karen Fukuhara on Katana: “She has morals and codes. She can also slice through hundreds of people without taking a breath.”


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