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Arrow killing off Felicity soon?

When the new season of “Arrow” kicked off a few weeks back we were treated to a flash-forward scene that saw Oliver (Stephen Amell) overlooking the grave of someone close to him – someone whose name we never saw, heard or were alerted to. But an appearance by Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen (aka The Flash) suggests the person swimming in the soil is not only known to both of them, but close to the superheroes.

Of course, all signs point to Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) being the one that bites the bullet. It would be a real “game changer” for Team Arrow, especially Oliver – who, since finding love with his blonde assistant, seems to have started enjoying life again; how that would change should she be taken from him! – and no doubt it’d hit Barry hard too, being that they had a flirtationship at one time and have remained good buds.

But, at the same time, it’d be too obvious a kill. Shouldn’t the producers be aiming for something – or someone – a little less predictable? Might Felicity’s hinted-at-demise simply be a smokescreen for someone else – say Thea, Captain Lance or even, Roy? (who does return to the show soon, if only for a one-off). Apparently the producers haven’t one-hundred percent settled on who they’re killing- or so say they say – so it could change too, I guess, but at this point in time I guess we have to prep ourselves for a possible Olicity end come season’s conclusion.

This promo for the upcoming midseason finale also points towards a possible exit for Felicity. But isn’t the death coming at the end of the season? Again, it all seems like a bit of a smokescreen..

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