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Fresh Prince joining Affleck’s The Batman?

We’ve yet to even see him in his first Bat go-round and already Ben Affleck’s prepping for his third.

Shortly after “Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice”, the latest Caped Crusader reprised the role for spin-off flick “Suicide Squad”. Both films hit theaters next year. Currently, the “Argo” alum is developing – he’ll star, write and likely direct – a standalone Batman project, said to be based on the “Under the Red Hood” storyline.

That particular storyline features appearances from Gotham faves like Nightwing, The Joker and – as the title implies – Red Hood, so there’s a fair chance they’ll show up in the film version. But according to Latino Review, one of the rogues from next year’s “Suicide Squad” might be one of the film’s main co-stars.

Will Smith’s Deadshot.

According to the site, the character will have a major role in “The Batman” (said to be the title of the film – at the moment). The site suggests the eye-patch wearing sharp shooter might even be teaming up with Batman to fight the forces of evil in the movie.

Wait for confirmation, but cool idea.

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