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Police Academy‘s George Gaynes has died

Sad news.

Beloved actor George Gaynes, best known for his role as Commandant Lassard in the “Police Academy” movies, has passed away. He was 98.

The actor was also well-known for his role as the title character’s adopted father on TV classic “Punky Brewster”.

The Helsinki-born actor got his start in TV, doing guest stints on shows like “The Defenders” and “Mission : Impossible”,before crossing over into film in a major way in the ’80s with memorable turns in the likes of “Tootsie” and “Altered States”. He also appeared in Roger Corman’s “The Fantastic Four”.

Gaynes had been expected to reprise his role as Lassard in the long-gestating “Police Academy” reboot, a role he played in seven films and a short-lived TV series spin-off.


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