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Gal Gadot Talks Wonder Woman Costume

There’s been a lot of doubt over the ever-expanding DC Cinematic Universe, and whether or not it is a match going up against Marvel. And with the epic superhero standoff, ”Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”, debuting next week, the stars are slowly beginning to reveal small details about the film. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and questions arose about the controversial design of the iconic costume as well as criticism she’s faced from fans.

One aspect of the backlash has been particularly scrutinized: Her figure. Unlike the more voluptuous look of the original character, Gadot has quite a slim figure, and many have voiced their opinions about it. But during the interview, both Gadot and Kimmel relished about the mean comments with her saying: “Really!? What do think about my breasts?” After a brief moment of offbeat laughter, Gadot went on to say:

I thought you were leading to the fact that a lot of the comic… the fans – had a lot to say about my breasts.

Kimmel seemed more interested in the actual look of the costume rather than Gadot herself. Since the new design has much darker and more washed out colors than the original, many have questioned why. Gadot said that it “was hard to get used to.” But she also was surprised about the costume fit on the first run:

Two days after they announced that I’m going to do the part, they brought me into Michigan to try on the costume. And I walked into this huge hangar with images of me as Wonder Woman – which was surreal – and then they got me into the fitting room and tried on the costume. And I was so happy and so grateful and thankful for being there and doing this role… that I didn’t say anything about the fact that it was so tight that I – literally – could not breathe.

But whether or not fans are on-board with her look, there will be plenty more of Wonder Woman to come in the future. The standalone feature with the character is slated for mid-2017 as well as ”Justice League: Part 1” in November of that year. So once ”Dawn of Justice” hits theaters next week, we’ll see if the tide changes at all concerning Gadot.

”Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” will be released March 25, 2016.

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