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Harrison Ford might be returning as Han Solo!?

Back when it was still lensing down Shepperton way, a couple of the major media bigwigs reported that – despite rumours – Harrison Ford was contracted to do three new “Star Wars” movies.

So, despite what “Force Awakens” served up for everyone’s favourite space smuggler, we mightn’t have seen the last of Han Solo [senior] just yet.

Speaking to the BBC, Ford offered a sly response when asked whether we’ve seen the last of him in “Star Wars”.

Anything’s possible in space, and in the movies.

What might Ford be alluding to? if anything? Well, there is a young Han Solo movie in the works (it’s possible they’re going to be shoehorn him in there somewhere – – maybe as narrator or as a bookend) but likely, Disney are saving up their Ford favours for a ghostly cameo of some sort – if you get my drift. Of course, Ford might just be f*cking with us too – quite possible.

Meantime, casting continues on Phil Lord & Chris Miller’s young “Han Solo” movie with every young actor – but the one guy who should be in contention – still battling it out to play Jabba’s prized trophy.


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